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Say, how about that great Phillies-Rockies game on Sunday night?  So full of intrigue, back-and-forth action and even its own touch of umpire-fueled controversy. No doubt that America is gathered around its office water coolers and talking about what it just saw.

What? You were fast asleep by the time Ryan Howard(notes) hit his game-winning sacrifice fly and Brad Lidge(notes) pulled it together long enough for a save? Well, that's a relief. Me too.

Yep, the only way I knew the Phillies had taken a 2-1 series lead was by looking through contact-dried eyes at my phone when a blaring commercial on TBS woke me back up at 4.  

Should I — as someone who loves baseball and gets paid to follow it — have downed a Red Bull or started a cocaine habit to stay up and watch the game? Some people might say yes.

But while those "some people" apparently work for Major League Baseball, I'm going to stand by my original thought that scheduling a playoff baseball game involving an East Coast team and Denver night-time temperatures in the low 30s for a start time of 10:07 p.m. ET ranks as the silliest of all of baseball's all-time silly decisions.

Why you would decided to hide your premier product after a full day of NFL and Sunday night HBO is beyond me, but I suppose baseball has its reasons.

(For the record, none of them are any good.) 

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