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PHILADELPHIA — It's a strange coincidence, but New York's Alex Rodriguez(notes) sure has a knack for becoming a slow-motion pioneer.

One year after the Yankee star became the first player to have a home run reviewed in the regular season, Rodriguez also became the first player to have video technolgy employed in the World Series in the Yankees' 8-5 victory in Game 3 on Saturday night.

Here's video of how it unfolded.

The game-changing turn came in the top of the fourth inning as A-Rod roped a line drive to right field off Cole Hamels(notes). The ball appeared to hit the top of the wall before bouncing down to the warning track. It initially looked like a double that sent Mark Teixeira(notes) to third base, but the Yankees immediately suspected that something wasn't right.

"Our coaches thought it hit something funny. It didn't carom right," Yankees manager Joe Girardi later told Fox announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. "I went out and asked (right field umpire) Jeff (Nelson) and he said it made a funny noise and that they would check."

After meeting in the middle of the infield, the umpires decided to check instant replay, which showed the ball hitting a television camera near the foul pole on the other side of the metal fence. The play was ruled a home run and Teixeira and his centaur-wannabe teammate came home for the Yankees' first runs of the night.

One of the arguments used against implementing instant replay in baseball is that it would add too much time to the already lengthy games, but the whole process was over and done with in less than five minutes. More importantly, the correct call was made and baseball was able to avoid another black eye in a postseason full of incorrect rulings. 

Remind me again why Bud Selig doesn't want instant replays for the non-home run plays?

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