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Not to get all US Weekly on you here — OK, to totally get all US Weekly on you here — Alex Rodriguez(notes) and Kate Hudson finally took their relationship public on Saturday, managing a smooch in front of the Big Apple paparazzo at the Yankees' annual family picnic.  

What this means for you, the baseball fan, I have absolutely no idea. But it's the latest development in a saga that began with a restaurant makeout session in mid-May and continued with Hudson disguising herself as Jason Mraz to see a game at Yankee Stadium (left). Eventually she was proud to be seen sitting in the 'spensive seats (middle) and now she's not caring who sees her kissing one of the few guys weirder than her rocker ex-husband (right). 

For whatever it's worth, A-Rod is hitting .257/.391/.520 with 15 homers and 47 RBIs since the NY Post broke that story on May 19. I'm actually surprised that A-Rod isn't drawing more criticism for the relationship, though I suppose dumping Madonna for a younger model and the Yankees leading the AL East by 2.5 games buys a lot of leeway for anyone.

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