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On Sunday night at 10 ET, MLB Network will unveil its much anticipated documentary — at least much anticipated by star Jonah Keri — on the forever-jilted Montreal Expos. I expect that the hour will be a good one, though if they just choose to air this recent L'YouTube video 20 times in a row, you would hear no complaints from me.

The song is entitled "Remember: A Tribute to the Montreal Expos" and was introduced a few weeks ago by Annakin Slayd and Rachelle Houde in honor of Andre Dawson's induction to the Hall of Fame. It's supremely well-done and produces enough nostalgia that you'll likely forget that the team's total attendance in 2004 was roughly 300 people.

That said, who wants to head to Washington with me to reclaim what is rightfully Montreal's? I have a few moving vans and a special net to catch Stephen Strasburg(notes).

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