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The Major League Baseball Players Trust

Through the Major League Baseball Players Trust, Major Leaguers contribute their time, money and celebrity to call attention to important causes affecting the needy and to help encourage others to get involved in their own communities.

2008 Players Choice Award winners will designate charities to receive grants totaling $260,000 from the Major League Baseball Players Trust. Since 1992, the Players Trust has recognized the outstanding on-field and off-field performances of Players Choice Award winners by contributing over $3.25 million to charities around the world.

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The Action Team

Josh Fogg joins Cincinnati Action Team during a Spring landscaping event at a Volunteers of America senior center. Josh Fogg joins the Cincinnati Action Team during a Spring landscaping event at a Volunteers of America senior center.

Together with Volunteers of America, the Players Trust created the Action Team, a national program already inspiring the next generation of volunteers. The Action Team provides hands-on volunteer training and experiences for high school students across the country. Through the Action Team’s innovative service-learning curriculum developed with The Wall Street Journal, more than 700,000 students in 5,000 classrooms learn the values and leadership skills they need to be successful community volunteers. Major League players are showing kids that volunteering is fun—and that they really can make a difference!

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Volunteers of America

Partnering with Volunteers of America, the national human services organization, Major League players get directly involved with programs serving the needy and raise awareness for important issues affecting kids and families. Players record public service announcements calling attention to vital community needs. Grants to Volunteers of America from the Players Trust totaling more than $4.5 million have helped purchase new playground equipment, vans, appliances, and fund an innovative telemedicine project, career training projects, and daycare and after-school programs. Additional grants from the Trust are building homes and rebuilding lives in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast as Major Leaguers help ensure that the needs of this region are not forgotten.

Buses for Baseball

Through the Players Trust’s Buses for Baseball program, Major Leaguers share the game they love with underprivileged kids by treating them to a magical day at the ballpark—giving the children a chance to hear first-hand how hard work and perseverance can make dreams come true.

Medicines for Humanity

In the Dominican Republic, the Players Trust teams with the US-based nonprofit organization, Medicines for Humanity, to deliver vitamins and medicines to kids and their families. Since 2002, the Trust has helped treat more than 150,000 children and their mothers, by providing more than $1.9 million worth of lifesaving medicines.


Alfonso Soriano visits Esperanza, a recipient of the Players Trust Bank of Hope loan in the Dominican Republic. Alfonso Soriano visits a Banks of Hope loan recipient in the Dominican Republic.

Through a grant to Esperanza’s Banks of Hope program, Major Leaguers help bring renewed optimism to Dominican families in desperate need of financial services, healthcare and education. Using funds from a Players Trust grant, Esperanza oversees a micro-loan program that invests in family businesses, giving parents the opportunity to improve their living conditions, purchase quality foods and pay for their children’s education.

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