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  • Expectations are high for the 2013 University of Louisville football team but Charlie Strong says he's not feeling any pressure to win "a certain way" in order to  impress the voters in the college football polls.

    "No I really don't. I tell our players, 'As long as our coaches prepare you the right way and you go out with the right mental approach to the game. On that day, we have to be at our best. Play your best. That's all that matters.'"

    All the pre-season chatter, the national buzz, the analytical speculation -- it's all just noise, as far as Strong is concerned. His top priority is assuring that his team keeps getting better. "Either you're growing or you're dying. getting better or becoming complacent, self-absorbed or cocky. We have to respect our opponents. It's all about us and the way we play and how we go about our business."


  • Time again to update the rules of etiquette at University of Louisville football games.

    Everyone is familiar with fans who wind up at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium oblivious to what’s happening on the field. Some of the rules are for them, other for people who grate on the nerves of fellow fans, and a couple are just personal peeves.

    The list has evolved over the years with suggestions from Card Game frequenters. Feel free to suggest additional rules:

    • Shut down the tailgating well before the game, be in your seat at kickoff (Howard Schnellenberger suggested an hour early).
    • Don’t walk in front of other fans in the middle of a play. (Nothing more clueless, exposing you as inconsiderate. Wait till the play is over, then make your move).
    • Know when to stand or not to stand (If you're the only one standing in the section, there's a problem).


  • With the University of Louisville having captured its third NCAA tournament, some wonder whether the University will decide to retire a player's number.

    Like maybe the No. 3 on jerseys worn by point guard Peyton Siva? Or the No. 2 belonging to Russ Smith?

    The answer in Siva's case is probably not despite the indispensable role he played in the championship run. Russ Smith has a much better shot if he lives up to expectations going into next season.

    UofL has specific criteria for retiring numbers ...


  • Memories are short, often selective, in college athletics, and there are some who don't share the joy in the university's amazing success over the past year. One doesn't have to look far for an example of a fan base that will continue to disparage and disrespect the school and its fans.

    With the end of the college baseball season, summer has officially begun for University of Louisville fans. The best year ever in UofL athletics, the Year of the Cardinal, is history. A great year to be sure, one to savor for about three months and then get on wit

    Sports fans have a difficult time acknowledging the success of other schools, and the problem is acute between rival schools in the same geographic area. A basketball team can win a national championship, for example. Fans of a nearby school won't acknowledge it, trying to pretend it didn't happen, point to their own success, how many more championships they've won.


  • Jim Patterson Stadium gets a glowing review in Stadium Journey, a publication and web site that rates the quality of sports stadiums across the country, following the visit of a correspondent to a recent UofL baseball game.

    Reviewer Jordan Baer gave the stadium 4 1/2 stars on a scale of 5 despite less than ideal weather conditions. "Even though my visit was plagued with sprinkles and showers of rain, I still came away with the impression that U of L baseball is one of the best supported baseball programs in the NCAA," he wrote.


  • Still hard to image University of Louisville basketball without Gorgui Dieng.

    Want something to remember him by? How about the shoes Gorgui were wearing when UofL won its third NCAA basketball championship in April?

    Gorgui’s red and gray shoes are up for auction on Ebay for $2,999.99 ...


  • Rick Pitino is beaming as he strides into the press conference for the Maker’s Mark bottle announcement, obviously still ecstatic from his University of Louisville basketball team’s monumental win in the Georgia Dome just eight weeks ago. Having won two national championships now, he seems equally excited about the future of the program.

    The coach is there to express his appreciation to Maker’s Mark and to dip several bottles of the latest Rick Pitino design into a boiling container of black wax, the first of 12,600 bottles that will go on sale at beverage stores through the state on Friday, signing one of the bottles. “I done a couple of bottles now for Maker’s Mark,” he said. “The other one was a different color.”

    The special design will help underwrite the UofL Academic Center of Excellence, an $8 million state-of-the-art facility adjacent to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. To date, more than $4 million has been pledged toward the center, according to Mark Jurich, associate athletic director.

    Pitino also answered questions on other topics:


  • Christine Krellwitz, an assistant track coach for the past three seasons, was introduced as an Associate Athletic Director by University of Louisville Athletic Director during a Cardinal Caravan event.

    Jurich said Krellwitz is a replacement for Julie Hermann, who recently left UofL to accept the Athletic Director post at Rutgers University. Actually Hermann’s former duties are being split between a number of individuals.


  • Let the mad rush for Rick Pitino bottles begin. Floyd Street Federation contributor Charlie Springer (UofLCardGame.com) confirmed a news conference concerning a new Maker's Mark bottle honoring the Cardinals' coach will happen soon.

    Check out the details by clicking the picture of the mockup of the bottle below...

    Link: http://uoflcardgame.com/makers-mark-details-on-pitino-bottle-coming/38353/

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