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Memories are short, often selective, in college athletics, and there are some who don't share the joy in the university's amazing success over the past year. One doesn't have to look far for an example of a fan base that will continue to disparage and disrespect the school and its fans.

With the end of the college baseball season, summer has officially begun for University of Louisville fans. The best year ever in UofL athletics, the Year of the Cardinal, is history. A great year to be sure, one to savor for about three months and then get on wit

Sports fans have a difficult time acknowledging the success of other schools, and the problem is acute between rival schools in the same geographic area. A basketball team can win a national championship, for example. Fans of a nearby school won't acknowledge it, trying to pretend it didn't happen, point to their own success, how many more championships they've won.


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