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Kentucky basketball players dunking? Video? From awesome, slo-mo, below-the-rim angles?

Yes, please.

Check out the video from UK Athletics here.

Then vote on your favorite on the House of Blue. And, for the record, here are my favorite shots from the video:

Julius Randle, being a beast. I think a lot of goal posts are going to be getting this angle from the forward.

Jarrod Polson's got ups, y'all.

James Young had the dunk that would look best as a silhouette, Jumpan-style.

Dakari Johnson makes like 2012 NBA Dunk Contest runner-up Jeremy Evans with creative hand placement.

And Alex Poythress ... we'll he's in a mismatched uniform combination (for some reason -- other images of him, such as the one above, show him in matching top and bottom).

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