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ESPN's SEC blog has been going through every position group in the conference and ranking them top to bottom this week. We've been keeping track of it all, and we've crunched the numbers to show you who has the top overall unit in the conference.

Below is a table with a full grid of every ranking with the teams in alphabetical order. The average ranking of every unit is after that, followed by offensive and defensive averages (special teams weren't included in offense or defense).

Reviewing ESPN’s position rankings

To make things simpler, here are the teams in order of overall average ranking:

1. Alabama (2.875)

2. LSU (5.000)

3. Florida (5.125)

4. Georgia (6.000)

4. Ole Miss (6.000)

6. Texas A&M (6.750)

6. Vanderbilt (6.750)

8. South Carolina (7.125)

9. Mississippi State (7.375)

10. Missouri (9.625)

10. Tennessee (9.625)

12. Auburn (10.125)

13. Arkansas (10.630)

14. Kentucky (12.000)

And if you haven't already, you should go check the series out. Ed Aschoff did a great job putting it together, then ranking the top individual players on top of that.

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