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Andrew Wiggins canceled home visits with North Carolina, Florida State and Kansas that were set to happen this week, according to Jeff Goodman.

Then the speculation was set ablaze. The three other schools vying with Kentucky for the services of the best prospect in the country were no longer going to see him? Must mean something. Maybe Wiggins finally knows where he's going. Maybe he's finally ready to announce.

But that's reading so far between the lines you lose sight of where the lines were. Wiggins canceled because he's played three all-star games in Chicago, Brooklyn and Portland in the past three weeks. He's still hung up out west because of flight delays. The visits weren't going to be groundbreaking anyway -- Wiggins knows pretty much all he needs to about the schools, coaches and players by now -- and he will still talk to all three on the phone.

It doesn't hurt Kentucky that John Calipari got the advantage of one extra in-person meeting with Wiggins than his three competitors. But it doesn't mean Wiggins is now coming to Kentucky. He still might, of course. But we can't say that based on these three canceled visits, no matter how tempting it is to read into any evidence provided because of the relative lack of evidence Wiggins has given along this entire process.

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