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Kentucky will wear a new Nike Hyper Elite jersey for its game at Florida on Feb. 12.

The Wildcats are one of 12 schools wearing the one-time-only uniform. An excerpt from a Nike press release explains their thinking behind designing jerseys specifically for road games:

In the quest for a title, protecting your own turf is key, but character and greatness are built on the road, in the harsh environs of the opponent. The away team relies on its unified energy, collective swagger and every advantage to compete -- each opposing player and fan standing in the way of victory. ... A logo inspired by each team’s home court appears on the jersey’s center chest, a piece of “home away from home” to wear with pride. The back nameplate also features iconic references to the team’s mascot and home crowd.

Nike has only officially released Gonzaga's uniform. Via Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Eisenberg, who posted links to all 12 jerseys, here's what Kentucky's could -- COULD -- look like (it's still unconfirmed).

Kentucky will wear special one-game Nike uniforms at Florida

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