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Kentucky's historic run of producing NBA draft picks is expected to continue tonight with Nerlens Noel and Archie Goodwin.

If those two are picked -- which is a near-certainty -- UK will have produced 17 draft picks in the last four years, a record for any four-year stretch.

Since 1989, when the NBA went to two rounds, the next-best four-year run was 11 picks (North Carolina, 2009-12).

Even if you relax those parameters and include years when the NBA Draft went multiple rounds, the highest number in a four-year span was UCLA's 14 picks, which happened in two separate four-year runs (1968-71 and 1979-82).

And if Noel gets selected No. 1 overall, as he's widely projected to, Kentucky will set a new record for most players taken with the top pick since the modern era of the draft began in 1966.

A host of other programs (14 others, to be exact) have produced two No. 1 picks in the draft's history.

One (Duke) has produced three -- but one of those, Art Heyman, came in the 1963 draft, three years before the start of the modern-era draft.

And both of those historic marks came under John Calipari, whose NBA Draft success continues to roll on.

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