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As you all know -- and if you didn't, take note -- Tuesday, Oct. 1 marks the end of the pre-season interview embargo. That means basketball coverage will be rolling out daily, and in heavy doses, starting then.

Until that UK-specified date, here's some fun facts from the Kentucky media guide about the freshmen:

-- Andrew Harrison "used to rollerblade every day."
-- Aaron Harrison's most prized possession is his high school state championship ring.
-- Dakari Johnson's greatest fear is sharks.
-- Marcus Lee would want, if he could have any talent, to fly.
-- Julius Randle's greatest fear is "not reaching his full potential."
-- James Young chose his number (1) for Tracy McGrady, his favorite player.
-- EJ Floreal's favorite player is John Wall.
-- Dominique Hawkins wishes he could play the piano.

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