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Could Kentucky get to No. 1 in the Class of 2014 recruiting rankings? Could the Wildcats really have THE best group in the country?

It's possible, at least for a short window of time.

UK currently sits at No. 5 in the rankings, behind Texas A&M, Tennessee, Texas and Notre Dame. Much of UK's ranking comes on the strength of having more commitments at this stage relative to most other top programs -- the Rivals rankings are raw summation scores, not averages, so having more commits (and their points) -- but also of having quality across the board.

As it stands, UK is 226 points behind A&M for the top spot. If everything held with the teams in front of them, the Cats could vault to the top spot in two steps:

-- Stanley "Boom" Williams commits. If you're a member on the Hall of Blue, you know how UK's staff feels about the possibility of this happening. Williams, as the No. 96 prospect in the country and rated 5.9 on Rivals' sliding scale, would be worth 153 points.

-- If Ryan Flannigan, a recent JUCO commit without a current ranking by Rivals (not that he's NOT rated, just that he hasn't been given a rating yet) received the same rating he had out of high school (a 5.6), he would be worth 75 points.

Put those two pieces into the recruiting puzzle, and UK would have a total of 1616 points.

Two ahead of Texas A&M.

Yes, I'm skewing the system to make this work. I'm giving UK two additional pieces to add to their raw point total while holding everyone else static. And even if it could happen, UK wouldn't hold on to the top spot for long -- as I've written, this top-5 status is unsustainable once classes across the nation fill up.

But the mere fact that UK could conceivably, plausibly, have a No. 1 recruiting class, even for a short time, speaks volumes about the job Mark Stoops and his staff have done in recruiting efforts.

Who's ready for a game of Yahtzee?

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