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No, this play won't be indicative of UK's 75-70 win over LSU. For that, check out Brett Dawson's game story on Alex Poythress' name finally being linked with the term "game-changer." Or revisit those final 3.9 seconds where UK almost, almost had six men on the floor.

Doesn't mean I didn't love this play. Simply run, perfectly executed, and something we could see more of. It utilized Noel's underrated passing ability and Wiltjer's ability to flare out from a screen for a quick shot to free up an easy basket underneath.

We pick up this play with Ryan Harrow crossing halfcourt, Nerlens Noel and Kyle Wiltjer operating around the free throw line, and Archie Goodwin and Julius Mays spaced out on the wing.

Wiltjer sets a screen for Noel, freeing up the big man to come out to the perimeter.

Noel gets the pass and pivots, and here's where the action starts to take place. Wiltjer rolls out of his screen for Noel and moves immediately into a screen for Harrow, who makes a cut toward the basket.

Wiltjer's screen pins Harrow's man, forcing LSU into either 1) helping down off Wiltjer, leaving him open for a 3-pointer, or 2) hedging long enough to let Harrow's man catch up. Noel stands facing the basket, allowing him to see the cut unfold and prepare to pass either way.

Wiltjer's defender doesn't slide down as Harrow continues to cut toward the basket. Noel makes a beautiful pass over his defender right to Harrow, who catches the ball in front of the basket with plenty of space. His man is too far behind from Wiltjer's screen, and help defense is too far away on the wings because of Goodwin and Mays spotting up in the corners.

That leaves Harrow to convert an easy layup.

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