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Nate Willis has arrived.

He doesn't consider himself the "savior" of the cornerback group -- his words, not mine, and featured in our front-page story on Willis -- but he will certainly help a position lacking both experience (some would say talent) and depth.

Here's everything head coach Mark Stoops and defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot had to say about the just-arrived JUCO transfer:


WERE YOU GLAD TO GET NATE WILLIS OUT HERE? I was. I did see some good things from Nate. I do. I think he's got some good ability. It's good to see.

WHAT DOES HE DO WELL, AND HOW FAR IS HE FROM BEING READY? Oh, we'll get him ready. We'll get him ready. That's the good thing about corner. It's very hard in application, but really pretty easy in theory, really. You're not reinventing the wheel as far as assignments with cornerbacks. But if they can cover somebody they can help us.


ON WILLIS: Nate did a good job for only being here a couple days. He's still got a ways to go, but for only being here two days, I was impressed.

EASIER WITH CORNERBACKS TO GET A PLAYER READY? It will be a challenge, but fortunately we've got a lot of time, and we're confident that he'll be there.

WHAT DOES HE BRING THAT YOU DIDN'T HAVE? Well, his talents, which I think is what you're asking, is that he's very quick, very athletic. He's long, he's tall. Not all our corners have those assets.

COULD HE PUSH TO START? Every job's open. Everybody's got a chance to start. We are a long ways to the game, so he does, but so does everybody else.


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