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UK thinks it got "screwed" by not hosting a regional in the NCAA championships. Their words, not mine.

Did they? Were they passed over and sent to Gary, Ind. instead in a clear mistake? The Cats certainly thought their resume warranted a host site, but I wanted to look at how Kentucky stacked up in the polls -- and where the other regional hosts fell in comparison.

So I grabbed three of the most important lists -- the NCAA's official RPI rankings, Baseball America's Top 25 poll, and the coaches poll -- and lined it up. Teams highlighted in blue were selected as one of the 16 hosts.

In two of the polls -- Baseball America and the coaches poll -- Kentucky certainly looks like it got passed over. There's five or six teams ranked lower than the Cats who get to host. The lowest-ranked? Miami, who people clearly cited as a team that should not have received a host site over Kentucky. The Hurricanes are ranked in the 20s in both polls.

But move over to the NCAA's RPI system, and the story isn't the same. Miami is ranked No. 12, five spots ahead of Kentucky, and only one team -- Rice -- is ranked lower than the Cats but still received a host site.

Did UK baseball get ‘screwed’?

Looking at these rankings gives this quote, from Luke Maile on Monday, some credence: "I don't know enough about the system, to be honest with you. I know the people in baseball, the people that played the game, are pretty dumbfounded [about UK not being selected to host]. But obviously those aren't the people that make the decisions."

Who is making the decisions, and their criteria, is unsure. Again, their words, not mine. But whoever it was left UK out in the cold, and the Cats have a legitimate reason to be upset.

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