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These guys haven't yet played a minute of college basketball, but that doesn't mean college coaches can't try to project their pro potential. polled college coaches to see which 2014 prospect would have the best NBA career.

The answers feature players who are all on Kentucky's radar, at the least:

Jahlil Okafor: 50 percent
Cliff Alexander: 16 percent
Myles Turner: 9 percent
Emmanuel Mudiay: 9 percent
Tyus Jones: 7 percent
Karl Towns: 5 percent

You can read the full comments on those guys here -- some rave reviews for Okafor -- but thought what one college coach said about Towns was just as interesting:

“He has a chance to do to the center spot what Magic Johnson did to the point guard spot. He can change the position. That's not an exaggeration. He can be an NBA superstar. The only thing that stops him is if his people mess him up and get him to be entitled. But he has skills, IQ, strength, motor. And he's a smart, coachable, personable kid.”

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