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After taking the weekend off, our look at the coaching carousel this offseason at Kentucky returns. We'll be examining the running backs coach spot today after previously looking at offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and defensive line.

2012 coach: Steve Pardue (2nd season)

2013 coach: Chad Scott

Hire announced: Dec. 13, 2012

Where Scott came from: Running backs coach, Texas Tech

The Carousel: Scott had been at Texas Tech for three seasons with Neal Brown before coming to Lexington. When Kliff Kingsbury replaced Tommy Tuberville in Lubbock, he hired Mike Jinks, who had been a standout high school coach at Steele High School, outside of San Antonio. It can be tough to tell because high school hires aren't as high-profile as college jobs, but Steele doesn't have a new football coach listed on its website yet. This was a short carousel ridel

Where Pardue went: To the best of our knowledge, Pardue hasn't been hired anywhere as of Jan. 28.

The Carousel: Since he hasn't been hired, there hasn't been a carousel. Disappointing, I know.

Total coaches involved: 3

Total schools involved: 2 (and a high school, if you include Steele)

This is by far our shortest carousel yet. But if nothing else, it's interesting to note that Pardue, who was hired from a high school and had never coached in college, was ultimately replaced in the coaching ranks by another high school coach who had never been a college assistant.

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