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As I write this, the NFL Draft is wrapping up the fifth round. Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy are still on the board, though that's no surprise. If they're drafted, it will be very late. They may have to begin their careers as undrafted free agents.

But I wondered about the college production of the players taken ahead of Trevathan, who had 143 tackles in 2011. Below is a list of the outside linebackers taken (draft positions in parentheses), their schools, and their total tackles in 2011. None had more than 133, well short of Trevathan. And he did it without a bowl game to get a few more tackles.

(15) Bruce Irvin, West Virginia - 40

(19) Shea McClellin, Boise State - 50

(52) Zach Brown, North Carolina - 105

(58) Lavonte David, Nebraska - 133

(77) Demario Davis, Arkansas State - 69

(86) Sean Spence, Miami - 106

(105) Nigel Bradham, Florida State - 86

(113)Kyle Wilber, Wake Forest - 69

(119) Keenan Robinson, Texas - 98

(125) Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma - 60

(129) Miles Burris, San Diego State - 77

(138) Tahir Whitehead, Temple - 70

(142) Brandon Marshall, Nevada - 102

(147) Tank Carder, TCU — 70

(154) Korey Toomer, Idaho — 68

(155) Josh Kaddu, Oregon - 50

Danny Trevathan, Kentucky - 143

That's an average of 78 tackles in 2011 among the players taken, just over half of what Trevathan did. That doesn't mean they aren't better players, just thought it would be interesting to take a look at production.

For simplicity's sake, I used ESPN's list of outside linebackers. This could include 3-4 guys, 4-3 guys, guys moving positions, just whatever. It's not supposed to be an exact analysis. Just a quick breakdown.

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