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The above video comes courtesy of Youtube user toms2352. During a game between the San Diego Gulls (orange) and the Toledo Cherokee (black) at a AAA tournament between 1999-born players, a Cherokee player viciously swings his stick at his opponent, before punching him in the head onto the ice. The video cuts out then.

It's pretty brutal. Per the uploader:

Fortunately the player wears a slash guard and he was not seriously injured just bruised. That doesn't change the seriousness of the act. In response to other comments on here attempting to justify the action, there is a lot of contact that goes on in a game that refs do not catch. That shouldn't be an excuse to full bore attack someone with a stick as a weapon.... PERIOD!! That is assault no matter if you are in a hockey game or not.

...and in a comment on his own video:

Cherokee player loses self control and attacks the Gulls player with his stick then proceeds to beat on him while he is down.

I am curious if USA Hockey will do anything about that kid. They were already eliminated from the playoffs so he just had to miss their last round robin game.

There is no reason that kind of behavior is justified. He could have seriously injured the other player.

Information is pretty limited, as the official website for the tournament doesn't offer up any news of a suspension and there are no boxscores or rosters published, only final scores and schedules. It's good to see that the victim is will otherwise be okay thanks to the slash guard. Still, a brutal incident, but keep in mind that the perpetrator is only 14 and I expect that the parents, coaches, and league organizers (perhaps even USA Hockey) can deal with him appropriately.

s/t Jerome Berube

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