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The first day or two of an international tournment such as the world junior championship always involves adjusting to different rules, but there is — not as of yet — any league where it's legal to play with two sticks simultaneously.

During a pre-competition game on Friday in Angelholm, Sweden's Sebastian Collberg had his twig flicked out of his hands during a puck battle in Team USA's zone. The stick landed near Swedish forward Andreas Johnson, who decided to pick it up and carry two sticks as he sped — skied, it looked like — back to his own zone.

The officials whistled Johnson, a Toronto Maple Leafs seventh-round pick, for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Johnson plays for Frolunda in the Swedish Hockey League, where he signed a contract for this season and next. The Leafs took him as a late-round lottery ticket in June because he was "very intelligent and skilled. Perhaps he thought he was smart enough to get away with something.

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