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It is not self-indulgent to make a reference to Western Hockey League penalty-minute leader Darren Kramer's sitcom namesake. It is quite apt! Like the Seinfeld character, the Spokane Chiefs tough guy has designs on being an inventor.

The Peace River, Alta., native, is as focused on PBJs as PIMs (he had more than 300 in Junior A last season).

"I'm a big peanut butter eater and it was always a pet peeve when I opened the jar and realized the peanut butter was in the bottom so when you stick the knife in you got peanut butter on your hand," Kramer said. “The idea came to me all of a sudden."

The idea — patent pending, he said — is for a more user-friendly peanut butter jar. It’s really quite simple, it unscrews in the middle so when the jar is half empty it can be unscrewed and the top half recycled while the lid goes back on in the middle. Since a former teammate came from a well-off family because of a father’s invention, Kramer is determined to pursue his idea. “It seemed like a good way to make money,” he said. Kramer is well aware of other ideas out there, such as a collapsing jar and one that opens on both ends. (Spokane Spokesman-Review)

A peanut butter jar that doesn't lead to a person needing to wash her/his hands afterward? That compares favourably with the roll-out tie dispenser, ketchup and mustard in the same bottle, the bro/mansiere and the pizza restaurant where customers bake their own pie. Meantime, Darren Kramer  made the Chiefs as a 19-year-old rookie since he's willing to get his nose dirty.

The big forward knows his role, and that combined with his hard work, will eventually peak interest from NHL scouts. He is quickly cementing his reputation as one of the Western Hockey Leagues most feared competitors, and is playing a big part on a Spokane team that the critics didn’t see doing much of anything this season. (Dan Sallows)

Neate Sager is a writer for Yahoo! Canada Sports. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @neatebuzzthenet.

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