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Three Breathing Exercises for Athletes that Can Increase Lung Capacity

Proper breathing techniques are essential to an athlete, because it can help him or her become more successful during athletic activity, and increases lung capacity. Increasing lung capacity can help an athlete become more energetic during sports, feel more refreshed after the sport, and it can also help him or her prevent respiratory distress. If an athlete does not know the proper breathing techniques, which focus on deep breathing, then he or she should practice breathing exercises.

Here are three of the best breathing exercises that an athlete can do, which can help him or her stay calm, increase lung capacity, and focus during sports.

Chinese Breathing Exercise

The Chinese breathing exercise is a great exercise that an athlete can do to increase his or her lung capacity, which can help him or her during physical activity. For this exercise, you want to inhale three times through the nose without exhaling. When you are inhaling for the first time, make sure that the arms are at your sides, and then lift them straight out in front of you. You want to also keep the arms level with the shoulders for the first breath. On the second breath, the arms should be open straight out in front of you, and then moved toward the sides. For the third breath in the exercise, you should lift the arms up so that they are above your head, and then hold the position for a few seconds. As you exhale, you can then move your hands back to starting position down at your sides. You should repeat this exercise 10 times, making sure that you move your arms in the specified manner each time. This exercise is best done sitting down, just in case an athlete feels lightheaded or dizzy.

Belly Breathing Exercise

The belly breathing exercise is also great for an athlete, because it can help him or her increase lung capacity, and can help him or her concentrate during sports. For this exercise, you want to lie down on your back, and then place the hands so that the palms are facing down on the ribcage. You want to make sure that your fingers are just barely touching each other, take a deep breath slowly, and hold the breath for about 10 seconds. You want to repeat this exercise 10 times, making sure to take the deep breath as slowly as possible, which can help the lungs expand fully. This exercise can help an athlete learn how to breathe deeper, know when his or her lungs have expanded fully, and can promote a better overall mental state.

Candle Breathing Exercise

This breathing exercise is very simple, but can do wonders to increase the lung capacity of an athlete. For this exercise, all you have to do is grab a candle, sit it fairly close in front of you, light it, and then proceed to blow out the candle. You want to blow the candle out with a very deep breath, and slowly let it until the candle flame finally goes out. You can also increase the intensity of this breathing exercise by moving the candle backward a few inches at a time, which will require a more gradual breath to blow out. For an athlete, this candle exercise can help him or her learn how to control breathing, learn how to focus, and it can increase lung capacity.

Jeanne Rose worked as a dietary clerk for three years in a hospital, went to vocational school for Allied Health, and obtained certification in nurse assisting.

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Updated Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012