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On Sunday, Tim Tebow lost just his second game as the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Days before, as first reported here at Prep Rally, a group of Long Island teens lost their own battle to honor Tebow by "Tebowing" in the school's hallway between class periods.

Yet, neither Tebow nor his disciples will go down that easily, as the Riverhead (N.Y.) High Tebowing crew proved on Friday afternoon, when they held yet another Tebowing en masse in support of their quarterbacking hero. The difference was that this time, they Tebowed in an area where they couldn't land more suspensions -- outside the school, after the final period had ended.

As reported by the New York Post and a host of other New York media outlets, the first of two twin brothers who were suspended by Riverhead High officials, Connor Carroll, served his one-day suspension on Friday. As soon as the day was over, both Carroll and his brother, Tyler, joined around a dozen other Riverhead High students outside of the school's walls and struck the pose that landed them a controversial suspension.

"I feel like we were kind of singled out," Tyler Carroll told the Post. "If we were told to stop, we would have stopped."

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Instead, the teens insist that the school's administration claims they were punished for making fellow students show up late for class because of their involvement in the group of teens' daily Tebow tribute.

While Connor Carroll insisted that the act had done little to slow down their fellow students, Tebow also spoke up to insist that, while he was impressed by the teen brothers' show of courage and determination, the star quarterback said it was important for all students to respect authority.

"You have to respect the position of authority and people that God's put as authority over you," Tebow told the media. "So that's part of it, and just finding the right place and the right time to do things is part of it, too."

At the very least, the school's latest Tebowing tribute certainly seemed to fit those descriptions, even if it took a two-man suspension (down from the four teens who were originally suspended) to do so.

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