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Leave it to a hybrid form of traditional lacrosse and box lax to produce one of the most stunning in-game brawls we've ever seen, and to then create a truly unbelievable video of the entire affair by setting the clip to music ... but not until after the fight starts.

The teams you see in the midst of intense fisticuffs above are the Allegany Arrows and Tonawanda Braves. Both teams, which are located in Western New York, play in the North American Minor Lacrosse Association, a league which hosts youth outdoor lacrosse games with box lacrosse rules, leaning heavily on Iroquois traditions for its logo, and (it appears) for many of its players.

Prep Rally, for one, has never heard of any deep legacy of violent fights in this or other prep box lacrosse leagues, though that's not to say such skirmishes don't happen. As one might imagine, box lacrosse doesn't exactly get a ton of press. Still, this brawl, which has also been featured on other sites, might be the single most fierce one we've ever run across.

The hockey style fight (they dropped gloves and sticks before running into the fray) went on for more than a full minute, included both goalies (who dutifully threw off their helmets for the scrum) and featured more haymakers than we could count.

Yet the most shocking part of the video is the general celebration that it is handed by setting the "action" to a musical track by a group named "Loaded Weapons." Prep Rally isn't trying to be overly protective in a patronizing way here, but these are teenagers. To engage in that kind of an in-game brawl is something this blog tends to consider more appropriate for desperate minor league hockey players -- or at least Patrick Roy -- not teens who are trying to compete in a sport that has deep ties to their cultural heritage. That's not to mention using a soundtrack provided by a band called "Loaded Weapon" to add extra hype to a brutal teenage brawl. We're not even going to go there.

Of course, Prep Rally could be viewing this all wrong. Perhaps enormous, team and bench-wide fights are the norm in outdoor box lacrosse. If that is the case, then perhaps we should all question the value of an entire sport. And that would be another story to look into entirely.

Perhaps we'll find out the answer to that question on June 11. That's when the two teams are scheduled to face off again, with Allegany serving as host this time.

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