Best golf irons for 2011

When in the market for purchasing a nice set of golf irons, it's important to know what you are buying. Clubs with graphite shafts tend to give you a bit more distance, but with the flexibility of the shaft, you might lose some control. Steel irons give you the control you need, but at the sacrifice of some distance. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best iron sets for 2011.

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Steel Irons - TaylorMade makes these in steel and graphite. The steel irons will cost you around $700 while the graphite will run you around $900. These irons have a multi-functional sole which helps reduce turf drag allowing you the ability to get off a nice high shot. The set goes from 4 iron through 9 iron as well as pitching and approach wedges.

Callaway RAZR X Forged Steel Irons - These steel irons from Callaway will help ensure that accurate iron shot getting you on the green. These clubs will run you around $900, but considering these clubs are made with 1020 carbon steel, it would be money well spent.

Adams Golf CB2 Steel Iron Set - Adams makes a great set of irons which ranges from a 4 iron through the gap wedge. These clubs are a bit forgiving, which is nice if you wind up slicing your shot from the fairway. These clubs will run you around $800.

Nike SQ MACHSPEED Steel Irons - Personally, I have Nike irons (Slingshot) and love them, so I can only imagine how the new SQ's will play. Priced at around $500, these irons have a stainless alloy and a wide sweet zone enhancing your shot. The aerodynamic club face helps with club speed, increasing your distance.

Cobra S3 Max Steel Irons - Cobra makes these in graphite as well for a price of $800, but these steel irons are about half the cost at $400. These clubs are pretty forgiving thanks to the wide sole design. They also give a high launch thanks to the low profile design. For the price of these irons, you can't go wrong!

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