Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson: Tiger Woods is Back, a Fan’s Take

As the Arnold Palmer Invitational begins, Tiger Woods is back in full form. He has been throughout the 2012 PGA Tour's beginning. According to the 2012 PGA Tour results, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods is ready to win a 2012 PGA event. On March 25, 2012, the Arnold Palmer Invitational's winner might be Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods
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2012 PGA Tour Results

Tiger Woods has not yet finished first in a 2012 PGA Tour event, but he has always been close. Aside from one withdrawal, at the WCG-Cadillac Championship, all of Tiger Woods' finishes have been in the top 20. In fact, he has finished in the top 5 three times on the 2012 PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods' results on the 2012 PGA Tour indicate that he has returned. He has not yet finished first, but he came close several times. It is only a matter of time, before Tiger Woods wins a 2012 PGA Tour event.

Arnold Palmer on Tiger Woods

Arnold Palmer thinks Tiger Woods will soon assume his position amongst golf's greatest competitors on the 2012 PGA Tour. When commenting on Tiger Woods' play, Arnold Palmer said, "I'm watching him swing and I'm watching him play, and I see some moments of the old-fashioned Tiger that are very good." Arnold Palmer's invitational will be played on March 22, 2012, through March 25, 2012. However, Arnold Palmer's remarks concerning Tiger Woods are not hype for the Arnold Palmer Invitational. In Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer once again sees a great golfer.

Phil Mickelson on Tiger Woods

Phil Mickelson was one of the first PGA greats to comment on Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson said, "Watching him play, it's going to change in one week. He used to hit a hook, you were waiting for it, and now he's just striping it right at his target with a tiny little fade just like he used to do. And his iron play looked extremely sharp." It has been more than a week since these comments by Phil Mickelson on Tiger Woods. However, Tiger Woods is back.

Regarding Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson is right. Tiger Woods is back, and he has been for the past two months on the 2012 PGA Tour. The 2012 PGA Tour results show this. Although tiger has not won an event yet, he has been close. As the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which runs from March 22, 2012 to March 25, 2012, begins, Arnold Palmer is recognizing Tiger Wood's potential to win. Fans should be excited, and players afraid. The Tiger has returned.


Tiger Woods' 2012 PGA Tour Results

Arnold Palmer on Tiger Woods

Phil Mickelson on Tiger Woods

Arnold Palmer Invitational

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