Ten Facts About the Masters Green Jacket

In just a few weeks, the 2012 Masters Tournament will begin at Augusta National in Georgia. The first practice round for 2012 is on April 2, as professional golfers from around the world get their first look at the course for this year.

The coveted "Green Jacket" is something that every professional golfer dreams of slipping on in April but I wonder if they know much about the this jacket other than it is one of the most coveted "trophies" in professional golf.

Ten interesting facts about the Masters Green Jacket

Green Jacket Fact One

The idea for the "Green Jacket" came from Bobby Jones. While attending a dinner at Royal Liverpool, Jones noticed how the captains wore red jackets. He brought this idea back to co-founder, Clifford Roberts, and they chose green for the color of the jackets that August National members would wear.

Green Jacket Fact Two

In 1937, Club officials started the custom of Augusta National members wearing a green blazer during Masters week so patrons could identify reliable sources of information. The Club extended the tradition to Masters champions with Sam Snead's win in 1947, indicating the winners were to become honorary members of Augusta National.

Green Jacket Fact Three

The first green jacket to be awarded to a winner of The Masters was in 1947 when Sam Snead won the tournament.

Green Jacket Fact Four

The previous year's winner awards the green jacket to the winner of the Masters each year. If the winner is a returning champion from last year, the Augusta National president has the honor of presenting the returning champion with the green jacket.

Green Jacket Fact Five

The first Masters champion to win the green jacket two years in a row was Jack Nicklaus in 1966. Nicklaus won The Masters six times during his career.

Green Jacket Fact Six

The first international golfer to wear the green jackets was South African golfer Gary Player, who won The Masters in 1961.

Green Jacket Fact Seven

The green jacket that the Masters champion puts on at the ceremony is not the actual jacket he will keep. This jacket is owned by Augusta national Golf Club and must be returned 12 months later before the Masters.

Green Jacket Fact Eight

Winners are presented with a replica green jacket that they may keep to commemorate their win of the Masters tournament.

Green Jacket Fact Nine

Winners of the Masters must wear their green jacket whenever they play at August National or visit.

Green Jacket Fact Ten

To make sure that the champion will have a jacket that fits, there are several green jackets in various sizes stored on site at Augusta National. As the tournament comes to a conclusion, employees begin to pull jackets in the sizes of the top players to have a correct sized green jacket ready for the winner.




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