Tiger Woods Comeback Talk is Pointless: A Fan’s View

The Tiger Woods comeback is still not here. That is clear after a missed putt on the final hole eliminated him from the Accenture Match Play Championship in the second round.

Woods has definitely been better so far in 2012, but I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon. I haven't seen anything that tells me he is a guy that is ready to win the Masters. Maybe he will do something in the next couple of weeks to change my mind. Woods will play in the Honda Classic on March 1 and the Cadillac Championship on March 8. He will need to do something great at one of those events for talk of a comeback to grow more serious.

The same issues that have bothered Woods since the end of 2009 are still there. His putter continues to fail him time and time again. There was no excuse for him to miss that last putt in his match against Nick Watney. There was no excuse for him to struggle so much on the greens in the final round at Pebble Beach two weeks earlier. Is Woods better than he was this time last year? Yes, but not by as much as you might think. He has still failed to fix his major issues. That is pretty concerning for a golfer of his caliber.

In my opinion, there is no point in talking about a Woods comeback anymore. First of all. it is difficult to define a comeback for him. Would winning a PGA event mean a comeback? Does he need a major? When I think of a comeback I think of Woods returning to his old form as a dominating force. I don't see that happening. Even if he finds his ability on the greens again the rest of the golf world has caught up. Woods is no longer feared, and that means he will never be the golfer he was a few years ago.

I do think Woods will win an event at some point this year. He might even make another major push. But we should all take a deep breath and think about Woods for what he is. He is a talented golfer that has a reasonable chance to win any event he is in. The same can be said of many other golfers. Woods is healthy and playing again, so maybe that is as far as his comeback goes. Maybe he is just destined to be ordinary for the rest of his career.

* - Mark Paul is an avid golf fan. Follow him on Twitter here.

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