Becoming a Liberty National Golf Club Member is Not Cheap: A Fan’s View

Do you ever get the feeling that your club membership is getting a little too expensive at your local golf course? If so, you may not want to entertain the idea of joining the "good ole' boys club" of Liberty National golf Course in New Jersey.

With a $250,000 Membership fee, and annual dues of $25,000, Liberty National is on the short list of most expensive golf clubs in the world. Built on a former toxic superfund site, the entire project cost $250 million through completion. The brainchild of former Reebok CEO and chairman, Dan Fireman, the club hosts a rather impressive membership of the rich and famous. If you sign up, you could rub elbows with the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Eli Manning.

Liberty National has many amenities that other golf clubs cannot offer. The club hosts a private ferry service from Wall Street's Mega-Yacht Marina, that shuttles members back and forth from Manhattan, and it is the only golf club in the world that offers a spectacular view of Lady Liberty, a mere 1000 yards from the 18th green. If you do not like to be on the water, the club has an onsite helipad where your helicopter can make a grand entrance to ensure you are noticed.

Once inside the $60 million clubhouse you may forget about golfing altogether. The extravagant glass, stone, and steel structure has a lot more to offer than the standard bar and grill. From the south wing, views overlooking the 18th hole offer scenic views of wildlife frolicking in the bird sanctuary, and the Statue of liberty. The visuals from the course waterfront encompass a panoramic view from Staten Island to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, and from the night bar, New York, gazes back at you from across the open water.

Other amenities include a library, cigar terrace, and two dining rooms, one formal and the other a bit more casual. The structure has four stories of luxury- filled abundance designed to indulge the more discriminating golfer.

After discovering the wonders of this amazing course, I decided it sounded like a club worth joining, so I checked my bank account. I have 150 bucks; guess I will have to save my pennies.

Golf is the major summer time sport here in Northeast Harbor. I have played each year here for the past decade. When I lived in Georgia, I had the opportunity to be a spectator at two of the Augusta championships.

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