Top Five Golf Costumes for Halloween 2011

With Halloween around the corner, there are many costumes to choose from and plenty of time to buy. Why not pretend to be a golfer? This review will help you find the top five golf costumes for Halloween. They are a steal at less than $50 each and they can be bought online.

Old Tyme Golfer

This costume makes you look like an old pro! It comes with a green checkered sweater vest with an attached shirt and tie, complete with classic green golf knickers, leg warmers, and golf beret! This makes the top of the list because it is more stylish than most golf costumes, and it gives you everything you need to look like Payne Stewart on Halloween for less than $50.

Sexy Queen of Clubs

This sexy and sophisticated costume is great for ladies who want to pair up with their men in golf costumes. For $40, it comes with a pink plaid miniskirt, a sleeveless pink top, matching knee-high socks, cute golf hat, and a driving glove. No one will question this one! It makes the top of the list because it is one of the most stylish golf costumes for women I have ever seen, and it will go great with the Old Tyme Golfer costume.

Caddyshack Carl Spackler

Brand new for 2011, this golfer costume will make everyone laugh. Remember Caddyshack and the gopher-crazed Carl Spackler? For $36, it comes with Carl's sage green t-shirt, complete with the Bushwood Country Club logo. It also includes a fisherman-style hat and dirty-looking khaki pants! Be sure to buy work boots to match. It makes the list because it isn't the kind of golfer costume you would expect.

Gone Golfing Preppy Golf Star

For $48, this preppy costume includes a green, yellow, and white vest and shirt top. It also comes with a matching bowtie, a white driver's glove, a white visor, and a pair of green plaid shorts. With this getup, you'll look like you belong on the course! This makes the top of the list simply because you'll look great in this golfer costume!

Golf Cutie

This women's costume comes with a pink pleated skirt, matching hat, one driving glove, golf shaped purse, pink argyle knee-high socks, and a pink stretch knit dress. A "Cute Caddy Pro Tour" pocket is detailed on the front of the dress. This makes the top of the list because you get more for your money with this costume than others. It costs just $46.

These are all great golf costumes for Halloween 2011. Don't forget to buy a plastic golf club!

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