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This is how the Tiger Woods saga ends, friends; not with a bang (heh, heh) but with the squeak of inflated plastic. The Tiger Woods inflatable "love doll" is now available from Pipedream Products. (Link goes to our pals at Sportress of Blogitude; link is borderline NSFW if your work isn't crazy about golf innuendo.)

Anyway, I think we've hit rock bottom with this one. What else is there? Though I will say this -- the first person to sneak one of these things into a tournament and inflate it while Tiger's on a green somewhere is going to be a legend. A missing-and-presumed-dead legend after Tiger Woods Inc. and the PGA Tour get through with him, but still.

Any time you're ready to announce your comeback and get people thinking about golf is fine with us, Tiger.

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Devil Ball Golf

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