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Golf. It's not just about international jet-setting to play in fabulous locales. Sometimes it's about going to the desert to knock clay pigeons out of the air. Yes, it's a weird sport.

The European Tour doesn't just have many of the best players in golf, it's got the best commercials hands-down. A few months back, we brought you the hit-the-gong-on-the-lake challenge, and today, it gets even trickier.

Thongchai Jaidee, David Horsey, Johan Edfors and Simon "Chaka" Kahn journeyed to Dubai to try to knock flying clay pigeons out of the air. Could they do it? Pull!

For more of this kind of silliness, be sure to check out the European Tour's Every Shot Imaginable site. Hit one from space next, guys!

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Devil Ball Golf

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