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When you're considering a purchase of new rain gear, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. It needs to look stylish. It needs to be comfortable. But most of all, it needs to keep out the freaking rain.

The Ryder Cup got off to a soggy start on Friday, with teams playing only two hours before rain forced closure of the course. But as bad as it was for the spectators, it was far worse for the U.S. team, which found itself fighting through its own highly fashionable rain suits.

The suits are reportedly so unacceptable that officials from the PGA of America have had to go to the Celtic Manor souvenir shop to buy some new rainsuits off the rack.

"They absorb too much water, which means they are too heavy," the Guardian reported one European source as saying. (Anonymous sources: treat with caution.) "The American caddies have been complaining about them all week, and so have the players."

"Just seen some U.S. waterproofs up close, they're terrible!" reported golfer Oliver Wilson on Twitter. "They feel like they retain moisture, not a good quality for waterproofs."

European team member Rory McIlroy twisted the knife on Twitter (hey, wasn't there a ban?): "Just have to say our waterproofs are performing very well!"

The news was a PR debacle for manufacturer Sun Mountain, with criticisms ranging from disappointed to flat-out devastating. (CBS Sports' Steve Elling: "Rain suits that are ugly, look like prison garb and repel water as well as a cotton T-shirt? Sell your Sun Mountain stock if you have any.")  Sun Mountain's own Twitter page has been notably silent so far. Yahoo! Sports has reached out to Sun Mountain for comment, but has not yet heard back.

So it looks like the U.S. team could be sporting a different look on the course should rains return. We bet they'll all be in Tiger Woods souvenir ponchos.

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Devil Ball Golf

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