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All right, that Twitter response isn't addressed to the haters. Tiger Woods took to the social network Friday to chat with his hundreds of thousands of followers. And here's what we learned:

• That response above was to a question about why Woods doesn't play more tournaments right now to improve his image.

• John Mayer and Keith Urban will be playing at this year's "Tiger Jam" in Vegas.

• Tiger's favorite ice cream is vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

• He may or may not be made of graham crackers, but he still plays regardless.

• He was curt in his post-Masters interview because he was still focused on a possible playoff. Or something like that.

• He always flies on the left side of the plane.

So, there you have it. You can see more of his answers in his Twitter stream, if you're so inclined.

Oh, and as if this isn't enough non-course Tiger news for you, be sure to check out his website, where he plays a little ping-pong with Chinese gold-medal hurdler Liu Xiang. Woods has a little game with the paddle, I'd say.

... sweet heaven, Tiger, get back on the course again soon. Please.

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Devil Ball Golf

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