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[Reader alert: this is another Tiger Woods-focused, celebrity-gossip-oriented post. Don't care? I understand. As before, if you're here for golf alone, sit tight and we'll have a non-Tiger story for you in just a bit. Everybody else ... here you go.]

For those of you who thought the Tiger Woods saga had only one direction to go -- downward -- congratulations. The snowball is rolling, and gaining momentum fast.

The allegations that Tiger Woods carried on an affair with a New York socialite are not yet a week old, and now come charges from another woman, to be printed in tomorrow's US Weekly, that she and Tiger have carried on a 31-month affair. (Link via TMZ.)

Obviously, you need to take all this news with a shakerful of salt, but here are the details: 24-year-old Jaimee Grubbs alleges that she met Tiger in April 2007, and she claims to have more than 300 texts from Tiger, as well as a voicemail from Nov. 24 -- that would be last Tuesday -- where Tiger allegedly says that he believes his wife Elin may be aware that something is happening. Texts, obviously, would be easy to fake, but a voicemail would be rather incriminating, yes?

Presented without comment: Grubbs is a reality show contestant on VH1's "Tool Academy." Her VH1 bio entry lists her as a bartender from Studio City, Calif., and notes that she's "tired of being treated as just arm candy and wishes [boyfriend] Shawn would show an interest in her life. Jaimee Grubbs is looking to the 'Tool Academy' to break through to Shawn and give him a much needed reality check." Her Facebook and MySpace pages have already been shut down.

And with this news, this story has completed the leap from sports to gossip. Tiger's fans are going to cringe in horror, and understandably so. But he's in the teeth of the gossip mill now, and if there's anything that Americans are more excited about than sports, it's celebrity gossip. Make of that what you will.

I sincerely hope Tiger's able to minimize the damage to his family and his career, but man -- it sure doesn't look like this story is going away anytime soon. 

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Devil Ball Golf

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