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File this one under the ever-growing "Whatever you say, Sergio" file: Sergio Garcia, everybody's favorite Spittin' Spaniard, is hinting that he will decline a Ryder Cup invitation.

That is, of course, assuming that there's a Ryder Cup invitation en route. Don't go sitting by the mailbox, Sergio.

Garcia hasn't won on either the PGA or European tours since 2008, and his world ranking has toppled off a cliff, falling from second all the way down to 36th. He's played in five Ryder Cups dating to 1999, when he was a precocious 19-year-old with the hopes of an entire golf world on his shoulders. But barring a miracle, it looks like that's all over now.

"He isn't enjoying his golf at all," Garcia's manager, Carolos Rodrigues, told the London Daily Mail. "He has even said that if Colin Montgomerie were willing to offer him a wild card, he's not sure he would be of any help to the European team."

He may not be sure of the answer, but plenty of other people are.

We've gone to bat for Sergio plenty of times lately in this space — here and here and here and here, for instance — and every single time, he's come up short. So at this point, Serge, you've got to show us something. Anything. Forget the Ryder Cup; concentrate on making some cuts. 

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