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Word filtering out of North Carolina today is that everyone's favorite beer-drinking golfer (or is that golfing beer-drinker?), John Daly, was a guest of the Winston-Salem (N.C.) police department earlier this week. Seems Mr. Daly drank so much at a Hooters that he passed out and required emergency medical workers' help to wake up.

I know. John Daly, drinking beer in a Hooters. I can't believe it either, but here we are.

According to a police report, Daly "appeared extremely intoxicated and uncooperative." He apparently refused to go to a hospital, and was later asked to hit the bricks by the restaurant. The police stuck him in the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center for a 24-hour dryout. 

Look, Daly's obviously got some serious issues here, and we won't make fun of those. Strike that -- any more fun. But what we can do is size up Daly's mugshot there against those of other famous athletes. Fortunately, there's absolutely no shortage of those:

Hmmm. Daly doesn't have the mellow cool of Ricky Williams or the Prime Time smile of Deion Sanders. He doesn't have the "nobody will ever ever touch me" swagger of Roger Clemens or the "I could snap your neck" coiled menace of Andre the Giant or Mike Tyson. He most resembles Allen Iverson's "last thing I remember, I was in my bed" glazed-eye stare.

Gotta say, John, as mug shots go, this one's a bogey.

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Devil Ball Golf

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