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Another British Open weekend, another coulda-been for a golfing legend. And while Greg Norman didn't face the same kind of one-putt-for-glory that Tom Watson did last Sunday, he nonetheless held a one-stroke lead going into Sunday's final day at the British Senior Open. And then -- stop me if you've heard this before -- Norman failed to hold the lead, surrendering to eventual winner Loren Roberts.

Norman was only one stroke back with two holes to play, but a double-bogey on 17 knocked out his final hopes, and he finished three off the lead.

Now, Greg Norman is only Australia's richest celebrity, so we don't exactly feel too bad for knocking him here. But even if he was poorer than Charley Hoffman's barber, you'd still have to ask: dude, what's with all the runner-up finishes? Every time Norman gets close, it seems, something comes up to get in the way and spoil everything.

Geoff Shackelford points us to an article in The Australian in which Norman suggests that "something" was his ex-wife Laura -- you know, the one that's not current love Chris Evert:

He was asked this: "Had Chrissie been in your life 20 years ago would you have won some of those that got away?"

Norman replied: "Chrissie would have instilled a different thought process and I would have said the answer would probably be 'yes'."

Hmmm. That's a twist of a knife. But then, he did have to give up $103 million in his divorce, so you can forgive the guy for being bitter. Then again, The Australian further notes that he might also be a little shortsighted:

Laura's thought processes must have been pretty good during his 88 international tournament victories and his two British Open wins but, apparently, she just got ornery at the Masters, the US Open and the US PGA.

Like the 1986 PGA when Bob Tway holed out from a bunker on the 18th. Bloody Laura. Or the US Open the same year when Norman shot a final-round 75 after leading. The bitch. Then a year later Larry Mize holes out from hell on the 11th, second hole of a play-off for the Masters. Quit playing with his mind, woman. Or in the 1989 British Open playoff when he whacked the ball dead into a fairway bunker. Damn you Laura.

Ouch. Well, wherever Laura is, her mojo apparently still overcomes Chris's. Or something like that.

Norman fades in Senior Open Championship [Geoff Shackelford]
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Devil Ball Golf

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