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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Justin Timberlake ... savior of golf. No, I can't believe it either.

Timberlake, the former N'Sync'er who has defied all odds and remained not just relevant but celebrated, has a solid golf game; the last couple years, he's played in the celebrity foursomes that challenge the U.S. Open under championship conditions. He has a handicap of 6. And he's stacked a who's-who of celebrity dates. But that's not why he's drawing our interest these days. (Well, the celebrity-date bit is always of interest, but let's move on.)

The Golf Watch picked up on an article from focusing on Timberlake's brand-new, just-opened golf course in Memphis called Mirimichi. He invested $16 million into making the course the "greenest" -- in the eco sense -- in the country, and may have just paved the way for golf in the 21st century.

Mirimichi is the first project in the country to receive the Audubon International's Classic Sanctuary certification, according to LiveScience, and boasts such eco-friendly elements as rainwater-driven irrigation systems, solar-powered golf carts and locally appropriate landscaping.

There's also a little twist to this; the course was originally known as Woodstock Hills, and it's where Timberlake first learned to play the game. So it's got more than a little nostalgia for him.

"Last year we found out they were going to auction it off and turn it into a development," Timberlake said in an interview with "So we thought it was such a landmark for the community, we'd scoop it and save it. And we did. We were able to before it was auctioned off."

You can check out the results right here at the official Mirimichi site. Greens fees run in the $60-$70 range. And who knows, maybe you'll meet Timberlake in the clubhouse. See if he'll bust out a little N'Sync for you.

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