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We should all be as cool as Miguel Angel Jimenez.

I mean, seriously. The dude plays golf at the highest level on the planet, and he's an aficionado of cigars and fine wine. And he's the reigning champ of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, having knocked off none other than Lee Westwood in a two-hole playoff. 

Now, certainly, with his ponytail and ever-present cigar, Jimenez doesn't look like your typical globetrotting Man of Adventure. Westwood is surely banging his head against the wall since he once again came up short in a bid to win. But Jimenez is a crafty, sneaky old cuss, and as he's said, he's like good wines -- better with age.

Plus, you've got to love his honesty. "I did nothing during the winter, but then almost every day of the last two weeks was in the gym," he said after the win. "We did a little bit of weights, worked on cardio and abs because you need to have good balance." How many golfers would admit to doing "nothing" -- which, in Jimenez's case, probably means every day was a story that you or I would tell for a lifetime -- and how many would be able to rally to win a tournament just a few weeks later?

Jimenez is making a good bid to join the European Ryder Cup team once again, and here's hoping he makes it. He's the kind of gato we can always use. 

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Devil Ball Golf

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