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When you're on the golf course, every element is fair game for a bet: longest drive, closest to pin, hole that the beer cart will show up, distance you can throw a club, et cetera. Of course, some players are more likely to take your action than others, as some fans found out Friday at the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe.

Michael Jordan is among the celebrities in attendance at the tournament, one whose presence has already garnered considerable scrutiny because of potential lockout violations. But on the course itself, Jordan's got a bit of game, and a few mouthy fans decided to test ol' No. 23.

On a par 3, they bet that Jordan couldn't hit the green. No word on the stakes, but for a guy like Jordan, is money really the thing? You can see them placing the bet in this grainy video. And then, with the pot right, Jordan stepped up to the tee and:

Money! Jordan didn't take much time in collecting his winnings, did he? Still, if you've gotta lose on the golf course, there are worse ways to do it, and worse guys to lose to. If nothing else, that was $20 (or $100, or whatever) well spent on a great story. (No word on who it was who made the bet; if you know and can prove it, hit us up at

Regardless, well played, gentlemen. Probably best that you didn't win that first shot; Jordan would've just gone double-or-nothing until he owned your houses.

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Devil Ball Golf

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