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Everybody's loving the World Cup these days, and our professional golfers are no exception. Martin Kaymer (the one with the golf club) is a fan of Lukas Podolski (the one with the soccer ball) and the rest of the German team, and on Sunday at the BMW International Open, Kaymer donned a German jersey for his final hole.

Wait a minute — a golfer wearing a (gasp!) soccer jersey! What a breach of etiquette! A travesty! Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know how well this would have gone over in, say, Augusta. Kaymer would be looking at a fine and several disapproving glances from golf's tweedy elite for daring to bring such a base display of fandom into the green cathedral. What's next, vuvuzelas in the backswing?

Fortunately for Kaymer, however, the BMW was being played in Germany. So, free pass! "In the spirit of the day it's no problem," tournament director Mike Stewart said afterward, "but I've reminded him he shouldn't be wearing football shirts."

Perhaps inspired by Kaymer, Sergio Garcia flopped on four different holes, but was unable to draw a yellow card. 

(Visor tip: Waggle Room.)

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Devil Ball Golf

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