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Luke Donald’s incredible three-putt streak comes to a closeIf you're a golfer, I want you to go out and try something the next time you play a round of golf with your buddies. From the first tee, I want you to see how many holes you can go without a three-putt.

The average golfer can probably go five or six holes without three-jacking during a round. Heck, a good player may get a hot putter and go 30-plus holes without one.

But sooner or later even the best players suffer a three-putt in the middle of a round. It happens to the best of us. The goal, of course, is to keep the number to a minimum.

Luke Donald has certainly managed to keep them off the scorecard this year. Dating back to the RBC Canadian Open, Donald managed to go 3 1/2 months without a three-putt. Want to make that stat sound even more incredible? The streak comes out to 449 holes.

Four-hundred-forty-nine holes. If your jaw isn't on the floor right now, then you clearly don't understand how crazy that streak really is. In a sport where pressure and different golf courses make three-putts inevitable, Donald somehow found a way to keep the extra putts off his card.

While the streak ended earlier this week at the Dunhill Links Championship, on the seventh hole at Kingsbarn, you certainly have to tip your cap to Mr. Donald -- especially when you see the next closest guy is all the way back at 131 consecutive holes without a three-putt.

Who exactly is the guy at 131? That would be Sergio Garcia. I'd be willing to bet Donald's record of 449 is safe.

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