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Okay, true confession time: around here, we make all kinds of fun of John Daly, but the truth is, we want the big guy to succeed. Really. Golf would be a lot more dull if he wasn't around, and I don't just mean because of the tabloid and fashion insanity that he trails in his wake like a comet.

But as a new Yahoo! Sports report details, Daly has a long, long way to go to get back on solid ground. Yes, he's 40 pounds slimmer and making cuts in European tournaments. But he's lost Hooters as a sponsor, which is like Nike kicking Michael Jordan to the curb. And the financial woes don't end there:

Last week while Daly was playing in Spain, his fourth wife, Sherrie, was forced to move out of the estranged couple's $1.6 million house in Germantown, Tenn., by order of Regions Bank, according to documents reviewed by Yahoo! Sports. The documents showed the bank foreclosed on the house after Daly stopped paying the mortgage last summer, about the same time others came looking for money.

In July 2008, the Las Vegas Hilton sought help from the district attorney in Clark County, Nev., to collect on a $385,000 debt Daly owed after he wrote the hotel's casino five bad checks, according to a letter from the Clark County District Attorney's office to Daly that was reviewed by Yahoo! Sports. The letter put Daly on notice that he had 10 days to pay up or the DA would issue a warrant for his arrest. Daly paid the debt and avoided jail.

Sherrie Daly, in an ongoing divorce proceeding, is seeking far more than the $1,481 monthly child support he has been paying her. Daly already is required to pay approximately $10,000 a month to the two wives who bore the golfer's two other children. Sherrie is the mother of 5-year-old John Patrick Daly II.

It'd be easy to go off on Daly here for all his antics -- we certainly have before -- but somehow it's a little tougher to do when you've got kids involved. He's got a long, long way to go, but here's hoping Daly stays on the straight and narrow. I'd much rather be writing about police reports than obituaries.

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