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This is a post that high-end golf equipment companies don't want you to read.

You probably know by now that Jim Furyk won the FedEx Cup, the Tour Championship, and a whole passel of cash on Sunday at East Lake. And he won it using a cheap little used putter that he picked up for $39 out of a bin at Joe & Leigh's Discount Golf Pro Shop in Massachusetts.

That's right. If you traded in an old Yes! Sophia putter in Massachusetts, an 8802-style heel-shaft, it may well have gone on to a far better life than you could have ever provided for it. So be happy.

And make no mistake, this is no high-end, ultra-exclusive putter. "It's got a nick on the back flange, it's got a little ding in the top line," Furyk said after Sunday's win. "I never loft-and-lied it, which is rare for me because I've always got my putters on a loft-lie machine at home, and the way the grip is on it, it might be slightly off center, but that's kind of how I like it anyway. I guess we were meant to be, who knows."

Furyk has taken the putter with him to Wales, and plans to use it in competition this week at the Ryder Cup. Not bad for a ... how much was that putter again?

"It was like 65 bucks, but they sold it to me for $39, I think," Furyk said. "I didn't ask for that, trust me. I didn't barter."

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Devil Ball Golf

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