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Golfer records rare hole-in-one on 360-yard par-4Carding a hole-in-one on a par-3 appears to be so 2010. This year, it seems, golfers are going for a new feat: holing out from the tee on a par-4.

Just two months after Devil Ball highlighted Justin Ernst's incredible par-4 hole-in-one feat at the U.S. Amateur Public Links, another golfer decided to join the par-4 party.

Playing in a member-guest tournament in Georgetown, Texas, Austin Bryan decided to go for the green on the 10th hole at Berry Creek Country Club, a dogleg right that was playing 360 yards on that particular day.

After getting the go-ahead from his playing partner to try for the green, Bryan let loose on his drive, watching it soar into the air on a perfect line for the green. As the Bryan-College Station Eagle newspaper reported, the single-digit handicapper knew something was up when he approached the green and the group in front of him was on bended knee.

As Bryan and Ray approached the green, four smiling players greeted them on bended knees, raising their hands and bowing down as they made eye contact with Bryan. The players reported to the big hitter that the ball hit the fairway and rolled up on the green, slowing down to drop in the cup like a long putt.

Bryan not only drove the green, but managed to hole out from the tee ... with his driver. The feat seems even more incredible when you realize he was able to work the ball 360 yards in the air, while also clearing a creek, trees and other vegetation to accomplish one of the rarest shots in golf.

I hope Bryan decided to go play the lottery after his round. Considering the odds of holing out from the tee on a par-4 -- estimated to be 1 million-to-1  -- with his luck, he probably would have won the nightly lotto drawing as well.

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