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So, have you heard that there's some groove business going on in golf these days? Yeah, we thought so. Anyway, it's very much the topic of discussion. As always, I'm joined by Shane Bacon of Dogs That Chase Cars. (Follow Shane on Twitter right here, and while you're there, follow me too.)

We work our way through the groove controversy, discussing whether it's what golf needs right now, and who's in the right here -- Phil Mickelson or the USGA. We also have a wee bit of Tiger talk toward the end, and speculate on the best way to torpedo our careers by airing a fanciful Tiger rumor. (You'll never guess where we saw him last night ... )

We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations on the podcast. Hit me up at And if you've got a question or comment for us to kick around, call our Skype line at 678-389-9173 and leave your message. Click the little arrow below to play the podcast or right-click it to download, and hit the iTunes site linked below to subscribe. Have at it!

Devil Ball Golfcast, Episode 34 -- Shaking the groove thang

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Devil Ball Golf

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