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Ha ha, look at us, we're the New Media, we're the bloggers! We're owning the Mainstream Media! We're faster, we're snappier, we're our own editors! We're on Twitter and Facebook and do all that fun stuff! We're the future, man!

And now, we're getting our butts kicked -- every single one of us -- by a guy born in 1929.

Dan Jenkins, one of sportswriting's greatest legends and the author of the quintessential golf book "Dead Solid Perfect," is now on Twitter. And he's covering his 200th major this weekend. Yes, 200th. Dude is banging out gems like this:

• Arrived yesterday; out to the course this morning. After you've seen 199 majors, one practice round is plenty.

• My life on deadline: As my first boss, Blackie Sherrod, enjoyed saying, "Stop feelin' up that story, and get the damn thing in here."

• This will be my 200th major. That's four years of my life. Some people waste theirs. But all I ever wanted to be was a sportswriter.

• I always root for my story. Best winner/story this week: 1. Phil. 2. Sergio. 3. A young guy (Anthony Kim, Rory McIlroy). 4. Tiger. 5. Ernie.

He's also offering up sage opinions on the best and worst majors and the best and worst major courses he's ever seen, along with select quotes from the past. And, of course, my bid for best golf tweet ever:

• The portable toilet outside the media center has signs with tips on putting and hitting drives, irons and sand shots. Nothing on the grip.

Beauty. Great writing is great writing, whether it's 14,000 words or 140 characters. Jump on Twitter and follow Mr. Jenkins, pronto.

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